ARISES not one, but many

Born and bred against the grain our strength ARISES! Create a sense of belonging to a tribe without the SYSTEM that puts you down. Experience mid-year full length release and follow this band-of-five. Collective ARISES to be your voice in a time to thrive. Be part of it – join this sound of refusal!

New album ‘SYSTEM’ out Sept. 6th 2019.

1. Built To Fall
2. Shallow
3. System Corrupt
4. Terror Done
5. Confession
6. Jericho
7. Probe The Bloodline
8. Gunshot Melodies
9. I Am One


See the apathy
I’ve made it come to life
Paradox – Right to call it mine

ARISES about the song:

“Written in anger and quite swiftly it tells a tale of one man-of-power that became everything you hate. He rose to the position fast and unwise; adopted the royal manner and liked it while hating everyone beneath him. Blue-blood in its worst, probing the bloodlines in search for his kind. The men you probably see every day in the media and know quite well… and they’re up to no good.“

ARISES about the video:

„It’s raw! it’s about what we do best and where we do it, our ground zero. We recorded the video while playing the song in full volume, rehearsal style – it’s where everything starts and where it should end for every band. Full circle! Thus the mosh pit motion. It also points to inevitable catch 22 the theme of song Probe the Bloodline refers to. On a brighter note, it’s a party animal video – pure Arises.“

ARISES gallery

Band-of-five ground zero ARISES visuals – still and in motion, but all with passion. Collection of band photos for promo use in hi-res.

ARISES contacts

PHONE: +385 99 4186 308